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    Your Easy Stop for Nutrition and Wellness Success.!.

At Health Restoration Consulting, we offer you the best science-based, widely documented, physician approved nutrition information, ever known to yield such consistent  client transformations.

Our programs  offer over-all wellness, and our targeted plans for clients with special needs, bring quick success.

Through nutrition education and lifestyle coaching, which is an integral part of all programs, our clients reach unparalleled success, quickly.  

Education in correcting eating habits, creating lifestyle changes, and offering accountability in coaching, our clients are able to re-orient their lives for success. 

We’ve found that when persons feel good, when they are no longer in physical pain, mental distress, or overwhelmed, they are then able to concentrate on living a great life.

 That is what we want to help you achieve.​​

We have unlocked the best and most current information science has made available – and we deliver it to our clients via conversations, videos, PDF documents and in-depth Q & A

And as they incorporate this new information, the body, the mind, the life, their future begins to be transformed.

It’s the understanding and use – practice - of better information, that changes who we are.        

We Make Change Easy, for Health Success.!.

                         Nutrition specialty Diabetes and Cancer

  1.      Water Is Key
    Water Is Key
    Water helps to metabolize food nutrients, keeps skin & hair beautiful, the digestive system healthy and prevents dehydration. Water helps to flush and detox the body. There is no substitute for water.
  2.   The New Fat Rules
    The New Fat Rules
    The right fats in the diet are great for the brain, the blood vessels, and the nerves in the body. Think about removing the bad fats from your diet, and make the extra effort to choose only the good fats. Forget fat free, that is a bad idea. But using the right fats helps make a healthy heart and brain, balances hormones and lowers cholesterol, plus makes food more tasty, satisfying and filling. .
  3.     Not So Sweet
    Not So Sweet
    Eliminate processed white sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and artificial sugar substitutes from your diet, all are harmful to your body, brain, and heart. We know that added sugar diminishes the immune system. The best sweeteners are the naturally occurring sugars in fresh fruits.
  4.     Rest The Gut
    Rest The Gut
    The healthiest persons fast for at least 12 hours between supper and breakfast. This rest allows for better nutrient processing and digestion, rest the gut to release toxins, for a fresh start.
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