4 Step Success Plan

Principle 1: Simplicity of Purpose
Persons who succeed do so because when they are hyper-focused on a specific objective.  Dedicate your effort and energy in pursuing that clearly defined purpose.   When you look at the whole of these goals, they seem massive, imposing, and yet they can all be stated in a single, easy-to-understand sentence.  What is your focus? 
                                                            To lose weight, or to restore health.
Principle 2: Simplicity of Plan
Persons who succeed are not known for having highly detailed, highly elaborate plans. Eat Clean at all times. Drink Water. Create extremely simple tenets as the foundation of your goal .       A Simple Plan.
Principle 3: Limit What You Tolerate

Persons who succeed limit what they will tolerate—it sounds callous but it’s actually brilliant.  You don’t cultivate success from your wants; you extract it from the world by limiting what you’ll tolerate.
What can I get rid of today to make tomorrow better? Persons who succeed identify and purge without hesitation—that’s why they’er creating the greatest outcomes in the world.            Remove all obstacles.

Principle 4: Be Intentional With What You Consume
Persons who succeed are incredibly intentional with their consumption, and no resource is more thoughtfully consumed than their foods and the information they need for success.          Consumption in the absence of intention - is waste.

Persons  who  succeed
identify  and  purge
without  hesitation.