A Cancer Diet

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Most people who get cancer get it because of the things they have eaten. The wrong foods created an internal terrain which allowed the body to be filled with fungus (e.g. tobacco leaves are filled with fungus, as are peanuts, to name but two of many such substances commonly consumed).

When a carcinogenic substance reacts with the body, the internal terrain cannot deal with the carcinogenic substance and the person gets cancer.
In fact, many scientific studies have proven that diet alone — meaning the foods that were eaten — caused cancer. Thus, by default, if you want to reverse cancer you must reverse your diet to create a strong inner terrain.

A cancer diet severely restricts what you can eat. By default, if it is not specifically allowed to be eaten in the treatment plan, don't eat it. The Step 2 items are simply the most damaging things to the diet.

Another key fact is that many people crave certain foods. This may be because of habit or it may be because of a food allergy. People crave foods they are allergic to.  I have known this fact for 30 years.
Thus, switching from the diet that caused your cancer to a diet that is needed to cure cancer may involve the stopping of eating foods the person is craving . This compounds the problem and means more effort is needed to stick to the diet.
It gets worse. I have concluded based on the observation of many case studies, that fungus creates a craving for foods. Fungi must eat and when they don't get what they are used to,  they in some way send a signal to your body to eat those foods, they are used to.  Thus, virtually everyone who switches to a good “cancer diet” has to fight the signals caused by the fungus.


From the notes of Dr. Webster -
              Independent Cancer Researcher

I remember reading the detailed diary of a person who was trying to cure his own cancer with alternative treatments. I was puzzled why his treatments weren't working until I came across an entry several months into his treatment plan. He basically stated (after several months of alternative treatments): “I decided to stop smoking.”

What is wrong with this picture? What is wrong is that he thought he could treat his own cancer by popping pills. There is far more to fighting cancer than popping pills.
Understand this: Taking any alternative cancer treatment is like putting gasoline in your car — you are on your way to killing cancer cells, etc. But having a bad diet while you are on any cancer treatment is like putting water in that same gasoline tank.

many people have cured cancer using nothing but a massive change in their diet. I will add that a bad diet during a cancer treatment has destroyed many alternative cancer treatments. Something as simple as adding refined salt to your foods may destroy an entire cancer treatment.
The cancer diet is just as important as the cancer treatment! If the cancer diet is not treating cancer, then it is interfering with the cancer treatment.
Another thing that must be understood is the logic a person must use on a cancer treatment diet is different from the logic they are accustomed to using in dealing with orthodox medicine. Let me give you an example:

When taking orthodox drugs, you might encounter something like this:
·         Step 1: Take the yellow and green pills.
·         Step 2: Do not drink alcohol or tea after taking the pills.
What about the foods and drinks not specifically mentioned in Step 1 or Step 2? With orthodox medicine, you are free to eat anything not prohibited.

But with alternative cancer treatments just the opposite is true. For example, let us consider a simplified grape cure:
·        Step 1: Grape Juice and natural water.
·        Step 2: Do not ingest any chlorine.

In this case, you are forbidden to eat any food that is not in Step 1, even though it is not listed in Step 2. With alternative treatments for cancer, what you don't eat is just as important as what you are allowed to eat.