Fight Cancer and Win

Cancer in never caused by one thing, in life. Therefore Resolving Cancer is not about changing one thing, but a matter of bringing  a lifestyle in turmoil, into balance. 

This 12 Week - Nutrition, Wellness and Lifestyle Transformation Program - teaches you to Re-Frame your Lifestyle.  Incorporating new  ways of thinking about the value of Your life, Your thoughts,
Your time, Your efforts and in general how to add more personal focus, nutrition, and sense of worth, as you go about your daily life.          

The Cancer Cure - Really works
 What is Cancer? , How can we stop it?
What Can I do, now to become a survivor?

What is the best way to take care of myself now?
What should I be eating, and what might I change?

This is not the time to crumble in the face of adversity.
This is your time to fight back.
Fight to Win.

What ever treatment you choose, you'll need the nutritin information to get to the other side of this as a winner.

If you hear that diet does not matter, don't listen.
This program will guide you to success with information to read and to study, personal weekly coaching and email access to answer questions. 

You'll Receive Personalized Support for the entire 12 week Program!

How To Become A Cancer Survivor 
 Want to start slow while you get to know Carolyn?
Start with this E-Book on understanding cancer and how valuable the nutrition and lifestyle factor is to survival of cancer, any cancer and 
any chronic illness. 
- This volumn speaks on what to eat, and what to elliminate
-  Exercise
-  Your belief system
- Stress management
- Carolyns' qualifications
- Love and commitment 
- Spiritual practice 
         and finally introduces Carolyn to you, you'll learn why her clients have been so successful in creating change. 

This Book $20.00


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