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Is There an Anti-Cancer Diet?

What causes cancer is the interruption of the bodys’ ability to rebuild, renew, and restore itself.
Anything that upsets the bodies ability  to do  its tasks, it’s daily biological operations, creates a problem.  Sometimes these upsets  present as fatigue, or mild aches, or crankiness.  Sometimes  stomach cramps, constipation or nausea.  Warnings.

But, when we don’t correct the underlying problem, what occurs next may be something more alarming such as chest pain or dizziness  and loss of balance, or  joint pain.  Adding to the problem with some quick remedy,  such as pain killers or antacids,  only compounds the problem.  The problem worsens the added assault of the wrong intervention, and the next intervention which only acts to enlarge the problem.

Nutrition, our right food,  is healing and restorative.  But, so much of what we pick up to eat appeals to our taste buds, sight and smell, all of which have been altered by processing, marketing and engineering.   So we choose what we like, while ignoring what the body needs for growth, healing, sustenance. 

Food products are so heavily marketed because they’d be ignored in the marketplace otherwise.  Our ancestors had a personal relationship with their food. They knew where it came from.  It came from the garden they planted, and from their neighbors gardens. They helped harvest the produce – peas and corn, potatoes, greens and okra. They helped plant the nut trees and fruit trees, and grape orchards.    Once we lost that first degree relationship with the foods we eat, we lost control of our health.

Large manufactures began to produce and provide our food. Now food is picked early because it has to travel long distances. As more women went to work, more and more foods were made for the working family’s ease.  Canned vegetables, instant potatoes, frozen dinners.

The processing removed the nutrients once abundant in fresh produce and home cooked meals  I grew up eating. .
The loss of  nutrients means the loss of the vital ingredients the body needs for rebuilding cartilage between the joints and creating strong muscle fibers.  The loss of nutrients to rebuild with the same A-grade cells that make up the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys and brain.  With each generation, those b-grade cells, become c, d, and e-grade - weak inadequate cells, unable to perform their  task at the same high skill level, as needed.

But not only that, the artificial ingredients, preservatives, synthetic colors and flavor enhancers that make these artificial foods so addictive and alluring, are totally unfamiliar to the body human.

The body then is at a loss for what to do with them. So the body sets up a protective  barrier around it. That barrier becomes inflammation,  setting  guard against an unknown invader.  

Now, a distracted immune system, hijacked  hormonal balance - in the body, disrupts brain signaling,  a thick sludge forms  in the poorly oxygenated  blood.  Parts are wearing out, joints rubbing together,  chaos, robbing every  organ of the ability to do it’s job correctly and efficiently.

While the body is short-handed, trying to fix the unfixable, parts start to give in, give up, or shut down.  Shutting down could mean a heart attack, stroke, Alzheimer’s, torn ligaments, diabetes, spontaneous fracture,  cancer or kidney failure.  It’s really all from the same origin, poor nutrition.

The addition to artificial ingredients in the industrial food-like products, so prominent in our culture creates products that look good, taste good,  and smells divine but are addictive. 
Processed foods became our friend because it promised to make meal preparation easy and quick for busy moms, working families, and singles, but truly has ushered in an  age of illness and chronic disease, at a level no one could ever have imagined possible.  

It is now so inculcated in our culture, that the average person in the community thinks its sacrilege to even say so.
Processing food, industrializing food – the sacred source of our health, has created weakness in the body and mind that will not allow us to fight off  and stand against the elements in our environment, such as pollution in the air and toxins in home furnishings and personal care items.  

The only way to get control of your health is to be in control of the foods you eat. If we do not have a first degree relationship with the foods we eat, where they come from,  and how they get to our table, there is no hope of having  a healthy body.

Limit your use of  processed foods. Cook more. Eat more raw foods, as in salads and fresh fruits. Make your breads , cakes and cookies using whole grain, lightly processed, un-bleached, and un-enriched ingredients. Skip the processed deli meats, amp up your intake of fresh,  locally grown, non-GMO produce.

Microwave popcorn is convenient, but those bags of microwave popcorn are lined with chemicals that are linked to infertility, and cancers of the liver, testicals, and pancreas.  Pop your popcorn in a pot.

Stay away from soda pop, diet products, anything with processed sugar or high fructose corn syrup in it, and farmed fish. 
This is a great beginning.  When you start to pay attention to your food choices, learning more about this topic will be so easy and you’ll find that resources are truly abundant.
At this point you’ll be well on your way to creating a healthy body, whether you are ill and working on your health,  or just wanting to stay ahead of the curve. 

“Is there an anti-cancer diet?”  Yes. It is a wellness eating plan.