The Nutritionist

    I enjoy reading Carolyn's  health articles, they are informative and written for clarity.

   Carolyn cares about her audience, and luckily she expounds on the important parts so much so that one can save personal money by reading these articles, and in some cases, one’s own life.
   I have much confidence in Carolyn’s advice and teachings, may she continue to keep us current on health matters.

  Mark J. 
      Savannah, GA

Carolyn Guilford

          Carolyn  is a former nurse, having worked in the critical care setting, home health, wellness clinics and even in mental health.
          I met her when she worked in ICU, what a wonderful and caring person.
She allowed everyone to be heard.  She, to this day
never  assumes  anything.  For her patients and clients, the world revolves around those she serves.
          Healing should have been her middle name.  I am pleased to introduce my families' favorite nurse and consultant:
      Author - Nutritionist - Columnist - Researcher - Advocate
  • Author of - "Health is a Choice!"  -  'Reverse the curse, leaving diabetes behind", and  now  -  "A question of health" !
  • 'Toward True Health' - local newspaper column
  • Thousands of Successful Clients - vibrant at every age.
  • Studied Cancer Biology at Scripps Research Institute 
  • And is just an amazing person who loves her clients. 

Albert W. Washington - Atlanta, GA. 

    As a Nutritionist,  and in my role as a Health and Wellness Coach, I help clients develop and progress toward their personal  wellness goals.  I  empower each to take responsibility for their own health.

   As a Health Coach I do not diagnose diseases; rather, I work with clients who have made a personal decision to change their      lifestyle.

   These self-motivated persons are seeking support – a support  system - to help them progress toward their goals.
                      I provide that support. 
  Carolyn Guilford, as my nutrition coach and mentor, simply set before me the real and true information I needed to know, to restore my health. 

I’d talked to lots of people, been to different doctors and practitioners.  They all had their own opinions and each added that he was not sure their formula would work. I met Carolyn by accident; her card was on the bulletin board near the ladies room.

Health Restoration Consulting!.  Carolyn was the first person who spoke to me with authority, conviction in her beliefs and made me feel secure as she explained to me how the body works. .

 That was the day my life changed and I will never look back, nor go back to eating like I once did. I have never been healthier or ever felt this good.
  Debra Washington West