Good Nutrition is the Foundation for EveryThing We Want in Life.!

    But, most us don't know the first thing about being healthy and happy and wealthy.
    We've believed all the wrong things we've heard and some of us have even repeated some things that wrong, and have held us back, from the life we want.

    So, today, ONE LIFE - ONE CHOICE,   A new faith based non profit organication is  hosting a one day women's Health Day.

    A day of lectures, lunch, learning and enlightenment. 

    Not ALL about the Food,  but to Lay out a Blueprint For SUCCESS in Every Area of  Life, So You can have the life you Really desire !

    Join us as we learn from experts about 'Total Health' and which includes Wealth. 


    Jacqueline  Awe  -                  Dr. Jennifer Roberts  -                        Dr. Erica Young  -   

    Marcus Ellis   -   Peter Brodhead  -   Paula Kreissler  -  Lee Manale 

    Link to Register.   $99.00   

    This is Your All Star Line-Up of Experts 

    Marcus Ellis - Dr. Jennifer Robertson -
    Dr. Erica B Young -
    Peter and Janie Brodhead -
    Paula Kreissler
    Lee Manale - Jacqueline Awe