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Healthy Bits

This nutrition progran is to teach you how to choose natural, whole foods, plant strong, healthy porteins and fats.  Eating as close to nature as is possible.
This is the Health-ful way to eat.
A healthy lifestyle is a way of living which allows you to become and to remain in the best physical and mental state, free of the preventable illnesses known to be caused by poor diet and reckless behaviors. 
Check out our  Food News,
Lifestyle Tips and from time to time
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Easy, Fun, and still no need to
count carbs, calories, or use
portion control.

Fighting Cancer to Win

Consulting w/ Carolyn

Your Last Diet Ever

To survive cancer you'll have to make some major changes.
If you are open and ready we can help you win.
Lifestyle, nutrition, rest, sunlight, water, and a mindset to win, is what it takes.
 A Certified Nutritionist with a background as a Critical Care - ICU nurse, I understand the anxiety of a dire diagnosis and the sincere desire to become well again. 

In our work with persons with Diabetes, Heart disease, and Cancer, our clients have all consistently had great success. The way to healing really is not hard.  It's a matter of getting the right infomation at the right time.

Now, after 14 years, we can make this program available to you.

Your Last Diet Ever
Eating is important, starving is bad.
If you are overweight and are ready to get to a better weight, there is an easy way. Clean Eating, your last diet ever.
Here you will learn how.
 How do you start a new life?  - Reprogram your mind...
Decide what you want and how great it will feel, once achieved. Creating a sense of a great future, allows you to strive for something better.  Having something to look forward to adds joy, excitement, vigor and feelings of delight to life.

Hopefulness, dreaming of what can be, can fortify your thoughts, your creativity, allow you to be happier, and even to live longer. Yes.

Otherwise, we can get caught up in the past. Everyone has had bad things happen, wallowing in the past, keeps so many in a negative place. But, what could your life really be, if you focused on something new?

Healthier, stronger, richer, freer, how big a dream can you hold for yourself?
How much could you change your life, if you actually were to put your mind to it, and commit to your dream?

How much better would your life be, if you had something great to look forward to?