How do you start a new life?  - Reprogram your mind...
Decide what you want and how great it will feel, once achieved. Creating a sense of a great future, allows you to strive for something better.  Having something to look forward to adds joy, excitement, vigor and feelings of delight to life.

Hopefulness, dreaming of what can be, can fortify your thoughts, your creativity, allow you to be happier, and even to live longer. Yes.

Otherwise, we can get caught up in the past. Everyone has had bad things happen, wallowing in the past, keeps so many in a negative place. But, what could your life really be, if you focused on something new?

Healthier, stronger, richer, freer, how big a dream can you hold for yourself?
How much could you change your life, if you actually were to put your mind to it, and commit to your dream?

How much better would your life be, if you had something great to look forward to?